Eagle Academy

High school students studying

Eagle Academy is a fundamental element of every ILTexas campus. It runs every day after school and serves as an opportunity for students to master the content they are learning in their classes.

Homework and Test Procedure for Grades 1-12

It is the student’s responsibility to turn in homework on the assigned date.   When absent, students must obtain the missed assignments and make up the work in accordance with the procedure for excused absences.  Please reference ILTexas.org for links to teacher pages for class specific information.

Mandatory Eagle Academy

Failure is not an option at ILTexas and our objective is to ensure that every student demonstrates “Mastery of the Material”.  Students are expected to complete and to turn in their homework or other assignments when they are due. For students in grades 3rd or higher, failure to turn in homework will result in the student being required to stay at school that day to complete the assignment. Parents will be contacted by School Messenger that the student will be staying with an administrator that day to complete the assignment.  The details of each campus Homework Academy will be determined at the campus level by the Campus Principal.

Making Up Work for EXCUSED Absences

Students who have missed work due to an excused absence have as many class days to make up the work as they were absent. All work assigned before the student absence will be due the day the student returns to class.  If a student misses one (1) class, the student will have one (1) additional class day to turn in the assignment.  

If a student has missed several days due to an excused absence, parents should contact the teacher to determine a reasonable plan to help your child catch up on missed work.  The late work procedure does not apply to an excused absence.  

UNEXCUSED Absences for Grades 1-12

Students with unexcused absences are required to make-up and demonstrate mastery for all missed daily work.  Major work may be made up; however, the grade will be no higher than 70%.